In Poland, they denied rumors about the invitation of Cherchesov to the post of head coach

The Polish national team does not consider Stanislav Cherchesov's candidacy for the post of head coach

head coach of the national team. His words are quoted by Sport24.

“The Polish Football Union is not considering the candidacy of Stanislav Cherchesov,” he said. Kvyatkovsky noted that the team does not think about any changes in this position. The Football Association is pleased with the quality of work of Paulo Souza, who holds this post.

On November 1, it was reported that Cherchesov had a meeting with the leadership of Polish football. It was noted that the Russian specialist received an offer to lead the European team if the Poles fail to qualify for the 2022 World Cup.

Cherchesov left the Russian team after the European Championship. The team under his leadership failed to leave the group.

Cherchesov had already worked in Poland. The specialist headed the Warsaw Legia, with which he won gold in the national championship and won the national Cup.