Georgian Ministry of Justice fined for video with Saakashvili

The Ministry of Justice and the Penitentiary Service of Georgia were fined for publishing a video with Saakashvili

The State Inspector Service of Georgia fined the Special Ministry of Justice of the Republic of 2 , 5 thousand lari (almost 60 thousand rubles) for the publication of a video with the former president of the country, Mikhail Saakashvili. This was reported on the agency's website.

It is noted that the Ministry of Justice and the Penitentiary Service were brought to administrative responsibility for violating the Law of Georgia “On the Protection of Personal Data.”

They were fined for publishing images of that how Saakashvili eats and resists during the transfer to the prison hospital. In addition, both departments also ordered the removal of relevant videos from their Facebook pages and official websites.

In November, the Special Penitentiary Service of Georgia published two videos with Saakashvili's participation. In one of them, despite the hunger strike, he takes food, and in the other, he quarrels with the employees of the department and throws medical equipment on the floor in the prison hospital.