Club from Europe renounced interest in Cherchesov

Belgian “Antwerp” does not consider Stanislav Cherchesov's candidacy for the post of coach Russian national team to Stanislav Cherchesov. This is reported by Sport24.

The general director of the European club, Sven Jacques, said that the Belgians are not considering the candidacy of the 58-year-old specialist. He called these rumors fake news for agents.

Earlier on December 7, the Polish national team denied interest in Cherchesov. The Polish Football Association is pleased with the quality of work of the current head coach of the team, Paulo Sousa.

The interest from Antwerp was announced on 4 December. The club ranks third in the Belgian championship after 17 matches.

Cherchesov left the Russian national team in the summer after an unsuccessful performance at the European Championship. Under the guidance of a specialist, the national team was unable to overcome the group stage. His place was taken by Valery Karpin.