An improved Malka super gun was handed over to the military

Uralvagonzavod donated upgraded 2S7M Malka cannons to the troops ┬╗To the Russian Ministry of Defense. The military received vehicles with new communications equipment and observation devices. This was reported by the Uralvagonzavod concern.

“The product has been replaced with gearboxes, distribution mechanisms and power supply units, updated observation devices, as well as intercom equipment and a radio station,” the message says.

The improved supergun is based on the Soviet 2S7 “Peony” gun. The machine with a cannon of 203 mm caliber remains one of the most powerful artillery installations. “Malka” is designed to destroy enemy targets behind the front line.

In November, the Polish edition of Defense24 evaluated the use of large-caliber artillery by Russian troops. The publication noted that the use of heavy self-propelled mortars 2S4 “Tulip” and self-propelled guns 2S7M “Malka” speaks of the pragmatism of the Russian military.

In September, an unnamed source of Defense Blog reported that during the exercises “West-2021” Russian troops were practicing the possibility of a nuclear strike. The source of the publication noted that the exercises used 2S7M “Malka” cannons, which can use nuclear weapons.