Amazon Web Services has crashed globally

Downdetector: More than 11,000 people complained about a crash in Amazon Web Services

A global failure has occurred in the Amazon Web Services cloud service. This led to problems for a number of other services, including Facebook, Disney, Tinder and others, according to data from the Downdetector website, which tracks downtime of popular Internet resources.

More than 11,000 users have complained about Amazon at the time of writing. Most of the site does not load, many have encountered problems with the entrance. In addition, the application does not work for some users. Disruptions are also recorded in the work of Disney, Facebook, Tinder and Netflix.

According to the data, residents of the United States, Britain, India and many other countries faced the failure. Failures in a number of services are also recorded in Russia. The reasons are currently unknown.

On October 4, thousands of users around the world reported interruptions in the work of the WhatsApp messenger, as well as the social networks Facebook and Instagram. Many of them were able to open applications, but they were unable to send messages. Later, Twitter, Google and Amazon users also complained about malfunctions.

Former CIA officer Edward Snowden said that this failure is an easy, understandable and illustrative example of why the division of a certain monopoly into at least three parts – it's a good idea.