Almost 100 thousand pensioners in Lithuania will receive money for vaccination against coronavirus

Lithuania promised to pay 100 euros to vaccinated pensioners before Christmas

In Lithuania, 100 euros will be paid to vaccinated coronavirus pensioners before Christmas. The money will be received by elderly people over 75 years old who were vaccinated between September 1 and November 30. The information is reported by Delfi.

The Social Insurance Fund has promised to pay a cash supplement to the pension, which will come to Lithuanian citizens before Catholic Christmas (the holiday is celebrated on December 25 – approx. “” ). You do not need to submit any special applications to receive payments, the money will be credited automatically. 93 thousand inhabitants of Lithuania fall under the criteria. Most of the money will come through the bank, and some citizens will receive pensions by mail.

This is not the last monetary stimulus for pensioners to increase the rate of vaccination in the country. Another 100 euros will be paid to those elderly people who, by March 31, 2022, will make themselves a second (booster) dose of the vaccine.

Earlier in neighboring Latvia, MP Aldis Gobzema was detained, who staged a rally against compulsory vaccination in the country. In this Baltic republic, employers were given the right to forcibly vaccinate workers, and in case of refusal – to dismiss.