A snapshot from Biden's office published during talks with Putin

The White House showed a photo from Biden’s office during online talks with Putin time of negotiations via video link with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The photo was posted on the official Twitter account of the American presidential administration.

The photo shows that in addition to Biden, four other people were present during the conversation, including the head of the US Department of State Anthony Blinken.

Previously, White House listed the main topics that were raised during the talks between the presidents of Russia and the United States. Washington pointed out that Biden expressed the concern of the United States and European allies with the build-up of Russian forces near the borders of Ukraine.

The meeting was held via a special video link. The Kremlin said that this line was created during the previous administrations, but today it is being used for the first time. The first footage of the politicians' communication was shown to the journalists, but then the meeting was held in a closed format.

The Russian leader contacted the American president from his residence in Sochi. Putin arrived there from New Delhi, where he was on a visit. The presidents' current contact is the fifth since Biden took office.



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