Xi Jinping proposes to “Sinize” religion

President of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping called for strengthening control over religion and “Sinizing” it

“Sinification” of religion called for greater control over religious activity on the Internet. He made such a proposal at a conference on religious issues. The quote is from the South China Morning Post.

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“Religious activities should be conducted within the framework of laws and regulations, they should not harm the well-being of citizens, violate public order and moral norms, or interfere with educational, judicial and administrative issues or public life,” the PRC chairman is convinced.

< p> In his opinion, the authorities should “Sinicize” religion so that it is more connected with the people, the Communist Party and socialism.

Religious issues in Chinese society are one of the most acute, and official Beijing is not making the first attempt to control its representatives. A particularly scandalous topic was the so-called genocide of Uighur Muslims, which became known to the public in 2015. According to a number of human rights organizations, China is pursuing a policy aimed at assimilating the population in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Muslims living there were forbidden to call their children their traditional names, forced to eat pork and drink alcohol in violation of traditions. Information appeared on the network about the placement of representatives of the titular nation in Uyghur families and the encouragement of Uyghur women who decided to sterilize.



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