UK showed the plane of the future

Bloomberg: British scientists have created a hydrogen-fueled aircraft that is harmless to the planet could determine the future of aviation. The researchers showed the project of a hydrogen-fueled passenger airliner, harmless to the planet, writes Bloomberg.

The aircraft was developed as part of the FlyZero concept, which implies the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from commercial flights – the British authorities have allocated 15 million pounds sterling for the implementation of the program ( 1.5 billion rubles). Experts consider hydrogen to be one of the most promising means for this task.

The presented airliner is medium-sized, the wingspan reaches 54 meters – more than that of the Boeing 767, and less than that of the Boeing 787. The model is equipped with two turbofan engines and cryogenic hydrogen storage tanks in the tail and front of the fuselage. Fuel in them will be stored at minus 250 degrees Celsius.

Researchers say that the liner will be able to transport 279 passengers from London to San Francisco with the same speed and comfort as on a jet engine … However, hydrogen is more difficult and more expensive to store on board, and it will take years to build the necessary infrastructure and equip airports with new filling stations.

The aviation industry is under pressure from the global community's drive to fulfill decarbonization plans. Some companies are resorting to other ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – refueling aircraft with biofuels based on waste oil and kerosene, and also creating vehicles with electric motors. However, current technology and battery weights allow it to be limited to small liners and air taxis flying short distances.



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