Three rules for losing weight for the New Year are named

Nutritionist Ginzburg: healthy sleep, walking and avoiding sugar will help you lose weight by the New Year that when losing weight, you must take precautions. Until the New Year, without negative consequences for the body, it is unlikely that it will be possible to lose more than three kilograms, the doctor told the Zvezda TV channel.

The specialist named three main rules for losing weight for the New Year. To lose weight, he says, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Adequate sleep, half an hour daily walks and avoiding sugar will help you lose weight for the holidays. He also urged not to exhaust yourself with hunger during a diet.

“If you don't have enough sleep, it is impossible to lose weight even when you really need it. The motives go out, the meaning goes out, and the breakdown of fat also goes out, “Ginzburg explained.

He also urged to observe three important rules in nutrition: he advised to give up sugar, honey, jam and sweets, to exclude from the diet “Bad” fats, including baked goods, chips, ice cream, and substitute fish for meat.

“Bread is not white, but gray or rye, whole grain. Cereals are not rice, but buckwheat and oatmeal. The more berries, fruits, herbs and vegetables you eat, the better. Nuts at this time – one or two tablespoons, if a mixture of nuts, “- recommended a nutritionist.

Previously, nutritionist Evgenia Degtyannikova listed fruits prohibited for weight loss. She urged to stop eating bananas, watermelons, mangoes, grapes and dates, as they have a high glycemic index.