The woman kicked her brother out of the house because of the cat

A Reddit user kicked her brother out of the house after he got rid of their father's cat as she had a falling out with her brother after he got rid of the cat that belonged to their deceased father. According to the woman, she was so angry with a relative that she kicked him out of the house.

The author of the post said that after the death of her mother, she inherited a large house. According to the woman, the property is far from her place of residence, so she invited her father to live there. “My father got a cat there. It was an ordinary street cat. First, the father fed the animal, and then began to let him into the house, ”she recalled.

After the death of her father, her younger brother settled in the woman's house. The narrator noted that her relative never liked cats and was not going to look after her father's pet, and then she asked her friend to move in with him to feed the animal. After a while, the cat suddenly disappeared. It turned out that the woman’s brother was tired of the animal and decided to take it as far away from home as possible.

The woman’s act greatly angered the woman, and she demanded that he leave her house. “If he refused to leave, I would go to court. I was very angry with him, to be honest. I cannot believe that my brother got rid of the helpless creature that our father loved very much. I don't like cats either, but the fact that my father loved them changes everything, ”the woman shared.

Most users supported the decision of the author of the post. “Your father would be proud of you. I'm sure he's looking after this cat from heaven, “wrote one of the commentators. Another user admitted that he had a similar story. “My mother had a cat that she adored and my sister decided to get rid of her. Since then, we have never seen this cat again. It was a big blow to my mother, “he said.