The White House assessed the likelihood of introducing unilateral sanctions against Russia

White House spokesman Psaki did not explain whether the United States would impose unilateral sanctions against Russia

– for the situation around Ukraine. Press Secretary of the US President Jen Psaki did not clarify whether such restrictions could be introduced without support from the European Union (EU), TASS reports.

She noted that American leader Joe Biden will hold talks with a number of key partners , answering the question about the possibility of additional restrictions against Moscow without the participation of the Europeans.

“Of course, it is important for us to move in coordination, in sync with the transatlantic allies and partners. But I do not want to rule out or allow anything before these negotiations take place, “Psaki said.

Earlier, a White House official said that US President Joe Biden intends to clearly explain to Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he is ready exert economic pressure on Moscow in the event of a conflict with Ukraine. Psaki added that Biden plans to discuss his actions with allies. She also stressed that the United States is trying to convey to Russia that the situation with Ukraine must be resolved by diplomatic methods.



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