The White House appreciates the possibility of Biden voicing threats at a meeting with Putin

White House: Do not view the Biden-Putin meeting as an opportunity for threats United States Joe Biden threats against Moscow at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In her opinion, the meeting of heads of state should not be viewed in a similar vein. She stated this at a briefing with reporters, her words are reported by TASS.

The journalists asked her whether Biden was going to threaten Russia in the event of her possible “invasion” of Ukraine. “I think it’s not about threats. The point is to convey that diplomacy is the right way forward here, “the White House spokeswoman replied.

She added that the United States has consulted with its allies about the readiness, if necessary, to impose new sanctions that should be applied the Russian economy has significant and serious harm, so there is a likelihood of using this mechanism.

Earlier, First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security, Vladimir Kozhin, said that the United States had made statements about Russia's allegedly impending attack on Ukraine absurd. He recalled that the administration in Washington is constantly talking about some kind of “invasion”, in which case the United States will provide military assistance to Kiev and its NATO allies.



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