The United States spoke about the measures for the “invasion” of Russia in Ukraine

US administration: Washington and the EU have developed measures against the Russian Federation during the “invasion” of Ukraine that the United States, together with the European Union (EU), developed economic countermeasures against Russia in the event of its allegedly possible invasion of Ukraine. TASS writes about this.

“We have held intensive consultations with our European partners on what we will do collectively in the event of a major military escalation by Russia in Ukraine,” an administration official said, adding that Washington believes that he has the possibility of further action, which will imply significant economic countermeasures from both the Europeans and the United States.

According to the representative of the American administration, this will cause “significant and serious damage to the Russian economy if they will decide to do it. ” “We believe that there is an opportunity to give Russia a clear signal that it will truly incur significant, long-term costs if it goes into military escalation,” the official said.

Earlier, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said that US President Joe Biden intends to clearly explain to Russian leader Vladimir Putin that he is ready to put economic pressure on Moscow in the event of a conflict with Ukraine. Psaki added that Biden plans to discuss his actions with allies. She also stressed that the United States is trying to convey to Russia that the situation with Ukraine must be resolved by diplomatic methods.



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