The United States prepared to impose new sanctions against Russia

The US authorities are discussing new sanctions against Russia to deter the “invasion” of Ukraine Russia from an “invasion” of Ukraine, CNN reports citing sources.

As journalists note, restrictive measures will affect the “inner circle” of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, as well as energy companies. Washington is expected to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system. The US leadership considers such a step as a “nuclear” option.

The decision to impose sanctions has been prepared, is being discussed, but not yet adopted. The American authorities are trying to coordinate them with European partners in order to coordinate actions. The TV channel admits that Moscow can respond to the actions of the West by “using the extraction of energy as a weapon.” “There are fears that Russia will try to retaliate by curbing production,” a senior US official told reporters.

The message about possible sanctions appeared on the eve of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Joe Biden. The White House announced that the US head will express concern about “Russia's military activity” on the border with Ukraine. The Kremlin has repeatedly denied reports of “aggressive actions” by the Russian military.

In addition, Biden will tell Putin that he is committed to a stable relationship with Russia.



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