The State Duma commented on the hidden patrols of the traffic police on the roads

State Duma Deputy Svishchev: traffic police officers should not conduct covert patrols This was stated by State Duma Deputy Dmitry Svishchev. His words are quoted by URA.RU.

“Thank God, the number of hidden patrols has decreased significantly, just due to the fact that cameras have appeared. But I am against hidden patrols, in general against everything hidden, “the parliamentarian commented.

He noted that with the decrease in traffic police officers on the roads, the situation became calmer. According to Svishchev, traffic cameras, which were originally created to prevent accidents, have ceased to fulfill their function and turned into a serious business.

In addition, the deputy considers the traffic police officers stopping a car to check the driver's documents a relic of the past. “We have to get away from this. There is a corruption component here, “he added.

Previously honored lawyer of Russia, Ivan Solovyov, said that traffic police officers, by law, have the authority and right to conduct covert patrolling. However, according to him, the use of such measures is not always necessary, since there are a sufficient number of electronic controls on the roads.