The State Duma called the words about the Russian invasion of Ukraine an old disc

Deputy Belik said that statements about the alleged invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine have been heard for several years have been heard for several years already. Dmitry Belik, a member of the State Duma's international affairs committee, called them an old disc, Izvestia writes.

According to him, Western countries decided to stage the disc from the beginning, that is, from 2014. “But, apparently, this has become a certain financial direction: someone is receiving money in the West from the“ impending invasion ”of Russia, someone even warms his hands on this, perhaps already organizing the supply of weapons and other military materials to Ukraine, someone he just wants to get involved in this, undoubtedly, financially advantageous business, “Belik emphasized.

He added that at present Ukraine is not an independent player. The presented “invasion maps”, some troop movements are falsifications, the deputy specified, pointing out that the troops on the territory of Russia can move as much as they like.

Earlier, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that Western countries blame Russia in the preparation of an attack on Ukraine in order to “thresh” Moscow. The head of the republic assessed the likelihood of a Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory and noted that the West, blaming Russia for this, is trying to hang a label on it.