The nutritionist named a way to celebrate the New Year with alcohol without harming the figure

Nutritionist Bruning advised to limit yourself to one glass a day during the New Year holidays for the figure. Her words are quoted by Eat This, Not That!

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According to Bruning, the main reason for gaining weight during the New Year holidays lies in the large amount of alcohol consumed. First, the dietitian notes, alcohol increases hunger, and a person may start to eat snacks and overeat. Secondly, sweet and high-grade drinks contain a lot of calories.

For those wishing to keep their figure, the nutritionist recommended reducing the amount of alcoholic drinks to one or two per day during the holiday season. She noted that it is better to limit yourself to one glass of beer, one glass of wine or one glass of strong alcohol daily.

Earlier it was reported that the doctor of medical sciences, nutritionist Margarita Koroleva told Russians the maximum daily allowance of tangerines for an adult … In her opinion, a person who does not have allergies and other contraindications can eat up to 500 grams of tangerines per day.



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