The hairdresser's way to speed up hair growth pissed off netizens

The hairdresser cut the ends of the client's hair and angered the users with her incompetence of themselves as netizens. The Sun journalists drew attention to the corresponding video on TikTok.

Social network user Olya Iudina posted a short video showing an allegedly effective way to accelerate hair growth and maintain hair quality. In the frames, the heroine of the material neatly cut the ends of the client's strands by a few millimeters. According to her, this method also helps to get rid of split ends.

The publication went viral and received more than 860 thousand views and more than 14 thousand likes. Users began to discuss the proposed life hack in the comments. Many were angered by the incompetence of the hairdresser. “To achieve the indicated results, you need to make much more effort,” “Her hair is so dry and brittle,” “She needs to cut at least a few more centimeters,” “And this nonsense will cost $ 80 (5900 rubles),” they were indignant.

In July, an inept hairdresser ruined a client's hair and angered netizens. In the footage posted online, a user with the nickname @yourhotmomsgf explained that she came to the salon to touch up the roots and tint the curls in a light coral color. The girl demonstrated how an inept master bleached her hair twice, and then dyed it hot pink. The heroine of the video also had paint spots on her face and neck.



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