The doctor explained the dangers of sleeping with the computer on

Therapist Ozerskaya: sleeping with a computer turned on can knock down the body's biological clock Ozerskaya explained why you shouldn't sleep in the same room with your computer turned on. Gazeta.Ru writes about this on Monday, December 6.

According to the doctor, the danger lies in the blue spectrum of light that the monitor emits. It makes the human body believe that it is daytime, negatively affects the production of the hormone melatonin, which is needed for falling asleep and quality sleep, and can cause the biological clock to malfunction.

In addition, an unplugged computer or smartphone next to the bed interfere with the mood for a deep and restful sleep, added Ozerskaya. “It is better to leave thoughts about work, business, social networks and so on for the daytime,” the therapist summed up and advised to develop the habit of turning off the PC at night and putting the phone on silent mode, leaving it away from bed.

Previously pediatrician, TV presenter Yevgeny Komarovsky dispelled the myth that a working TV is harmful to a sleeping child. The specialist expressed confidence that it does not affect health in any way, if it really does not interfere with children’s sleep.



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