The bride canceled the wedding at the last moment due to the behavior of the groom's parents

The girl refused to marry during the wedding due to the control of her mother-in-law

behavior of a potential mother-in-law. She spoke about this in a post on the Reddit website.

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The author of the post said that she is Iranian by birth, and her lover is Iraqi, but they were both born in Canada and profess Christianity. Throughout the novel, the man's parents did not leave the girl alone: ​​they did not want her to work and go to graduate school, and even tried to control what she wears. The girl added that her chosen one is a wonderful person, but his main disadvantage is that he allowed his mother to get into their relationship and establish their own rules. “My partner never did anything to fight for me. If I come into conflict with his relatives, they speak their own language, ”she wrote.

The Iranian woman agreed to the wedding in the church chosen by the groom's family, but asked that the ceremony be in English, since she does not understand Aramaic. However, her request was ignored. Moreover, during the ceremony, the groom's mother reprimanded her because of the dress with bare shoulders and accused her of disrespect for God. Then the girl could not stand it, refused to get married and left the wedding.

“At that moment I realized that life with manipulators and the absence of any support from my husband awaited me. I found my parents and told them I was leaving. My father begged me to stay and get married. Fortunately, my sister, a bridesmaid, supported me and we went to her house, “the bride said and asked the site users to respond and share their opinion on the situation.

” I'm proud of you! You have to be very brave to pick up and leave, ”wrote one commentator. Another added: “Well done! You have escaped a life full of suffering and violence. ”

Earlier it was reported that the mother-in-law and husband decided to put a pregnant woman on a strict diet and angered people online. Caring relatives force the expectant mother to eat rice, vegetables, Indian flatbreads, lentils and cottage cheese.