Scientists estimate the likelihood of re-contracting COVID-19 due to the omicron strain

Professor Hanekom: the probability of re-infection with COVID-19 due to the omicron strain is less than 1%

per strain, the omicron, according to initial data, is less than one percent. These statistics were cited by professor at the African Research Institute of Health Willem Hanekom, he is quoted by Interfax with reference to Sky News.

there is less than 1 percent chance of contracting the disease again, ”the TV channel said.

The professor noted the high infectivity of the new strain, which, according to scientists, leads to a mild course of the disease. He explained that omicron spread extremely quickly in South Africa, with the rise in new cases significantly faster than in previous waves of coronavirus in the country.

He noted that the omicron strain is more common in younger patients. especially in unvaccinated youth, but their illness is easier. Nevertheless, the doctor emphasized, caution must be exercised, since this is only the very beginning of the spread of the omicron strain.

Earlier, WHO disclosed data on mortality from the omicron strain COVID-19. According to the director of the World Health Organization Michael Ryan, the omicron, already identified in several dozen countries around the world, has not yet caused a single death.



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