Sberbank increased the age of mortgage borrowers

A mortgage in Sberbank can be obtained by clients who, at the time of completion of payments, are up to 75 years old

two documents ”and increased the age of mortgage borrowers. This is reported in a press release of the organization, which was received by the editorial office of

So, the mortgage in Sberbank can now be obtained by clients who, at the time of completion of the loan repayment period, are up to 75 years old – previously the maximum age should not have been more than 65 years old. In addition, the bank canceled the requirement to have a mandatory stamp of permanent registration when filing an application: the borrower may have a temporary registration.

“We see the demand for a mortgage based on two documents and decided to make it even more accessible to more people who want to buy a home. There is a demand for this on the part of borrowers, people turn to the bank with questions about raising the age in order to be able to take out a mortgage, “explained Nikolai Vasev, vice president, director of the Domclick division of Sberbank.

Rate in Sberbank for a mortgage on two documents is from five percent, the initial payment is from 20 percent, and the loan term is up to 30 years. To apply for a mortgage under this program through the Domklik service, you need only two documents – a passport and any document from the list: SNILS, driver's license, passport, military ID, ID card of a soldier or employee of federal authorities.