Russians will be fined for cladding and glazing of a balcony

Ministry of Construction: from March 1, 2022 Russians will be fined for cladding or glazing of a balcony

According to the order of the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Utilities for unauthorized cladding or glazing of a balcony, fines will be provided in Russia. This is reported by the online edition Readovka.

The department explained that such changes are included in the technical passport of the building, as an element of the facade design, therefore, from March 1, 2022, adjustments will need to be coordinated with special instances. The document will need to indicate a number of characteristics: color, size, weight, materials used.

Violators will be fined five thousand rubles.

In Russia, the old rules for the use of residential premises will lose force and new ones will take effect. One of these rules states that those living in apartments under social tenancy agreements are obliged to immediately inform landlords about faults in the dwelling or plumbing and other equipment in it.



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