Russians did not have enough houses to celebrate the New Year

“RIA Novosti”: in the Moscow region there are almost no houses available for rent for the New Year

In the Moscow region there are almost no houses and cottages available for rent for the New Year. Market participants told RIA Novosti about this.

Compared to 2020, demand for real estate during the New Year holidays increased by 15 percent. The Russians are not ready to travel abroad due to the pandemic and a new strain of coronavirus, since it is impossible to predict how the trip will turn out. Tatyana Maksimova, head of the suburban real estate department at Inkom-real estate, explained that due to external circumstances, citizens prefer to celebrate the New Year in Russia.

Due to the imbalance in supply and demand, houses for rent are beginning to be scarce. “By mid-December, there will be no options in terms of price-quality ratio in the Moscow region,” Maksimova said. Yulia Dymova, director of the Est-a-tet resale real estate sales office, expressed the same opinion. According to her estimates, only units of housing are currently available for rent in the region, so large companies have to either sign up on waiting lists and hope that the house will be vacated at the last moment, or look for options in other areas adjacent to the Moscow region.

High demand and lack of supply triggered a rise in prices. The head of the short-term lease of Avito Real Estate, Artem Kromochkin, said that on average, renting a house or a cottage cost 16 percent more than in 2020. Maksimova also suggested that real estate owners will raise the rental rate by another 15-20 percent.

Earlier in December, experts from INKOM-Real Estate named the most budget-friendly options for New Year's rent of houses in the Moscow region. The most affordable housing, according to analysts, will cost 40,500 rubles for three days. The experts also told what rules must be followed when renting a house.