Russian scientist compared the displacement of one strain of COVID-19 to another with auto racing

Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Netesov: we cannot talk about the displacement of the delta by the omicron strain

others with car racing. At the same time, the scientist doubted that the omicron would become the last version of COVID-19. His words are quoted by “Radiotochka NSN.” or those that reproduce faster. It's like in car races: other parameters do not matter, “Netesov commented on the possible displacement of the delta omicron strain.

While all the features of the new strain are being clarified, some infected with omicron have not yet gone through the entire treatment cycle. According to Netesov, a good sign is that the disease caused by the omicron, according to preliminary data, is getting easier.

“This suggests that we will not be so threatened by the lack of places in intensive care units.” , – he believes.

Earlier, immunologist, Ph.D. Nikolay Kryuchkov said that the omicron strain COVID-19 could displace the delta by January 2022. According to him, if new restrictive measures are not taken, a powerful outbreak will occur in January. At the same time, the immunologist did not rule out that displacement may not occur.



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