Russian MMA star faces deportation threat

Pop-MMA tournament star Chorshanbe Chorshanbiev may be deported from Russia Russia after being arrested for dangerous driving in Moscow. This is reported by Izvestia.

The star of the pop-MMA tournaments Chorshanbiyev violated the traffic rules, moving along the Lefortovo tunnel in a Toyota Camry. According to law enforcement agencies, the fighter did not show a driver's license, which is valid on the territory of the Russian Federation. Also, the athlete did not have an OSAGO policy.

These violations threaten to turn into deportation of Chorshanbiev. An administrative protocol has been drawn up for the athlete. The case will be considered by the court on Monday, December 6.

Chorshanbiev (or Chorshanbe) is known for his fights in the Russian promotions of Hardcore Fighting, Hype Fighting Championship. The duels of these tournaments are popular on YouTube. Chorshanbe has 417 thousand followers on Instagram.