Russian doctor named the category of people with a poor response to vaccinations

Doctor Podkhomutnikov: people with the first and third blood groups respond poorly to vaccinations

People with the first and third blood groups may not tolerate vaccinations well … This category of patients was named by the cardiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored doctor of Russia Vladimir Podkhomutnikov, his words are quoted by the portal “Doctor Peter”.

Podkhomutnikov noted that the first blood group is characterized by extremely high sensitivity to vaccinations. Often, these people have a fever, irritability and lethargy during the first three days after vaccination.

Holders of the second blood group, according to the doctor, positively tolerate the post-vaccination period. These people have a particularly sensitive digestive tract, so oral vaccination may cause some reaction.

People with the third blood group also often have a bad reaction to vaccinations. It is believed that this blood group was historically formed under the influence of even greater human evolution, which made the body even weaker, Podkhomutnikov said.

According to the doctor, negative reactions to vaccinations are usually not recorded in owners of the fourth blood group, but this Oral vaccinations are not recommended for people.

Earlier, the head of the Russian Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, said that citizens with allergies and acute infectious diseases could receive medical treatment for COVID-19 vaccination. An extended list of contraindications for vaccination against coronavirus infection may appear in mid-December. At the moment, a document is being developed at the Ministry of Health.



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