Russia and the United States adopted a resolution against the use of IT for criminal purposes

The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution of the Russian Federation and the United States on preventing the use of IT for criminal purposes against the use of information technology (IT) for criminal purposes. This was reported by RIA Novosti.

The document was adopted without a vote. It was co-sponsored by a number of states, including France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Australia, South Korea, South Africa and others.

The UN General Assembly considers it necessary “to prevent the use of information resources or technologies for criminal or terrorist purposes.” … It is noted that the use of information and communication technologies in future conflicts between countries is becoming more and more likely.

The resolution states that the UN General Assembly is concerned about the malicious use of IT, especially when attacks on critical infrastructure, in particular, providing basic services to the population.

The UN General Assembly believes that voluntary norms of responsible behavior of states can reduce such risks. In the future, it is possible to develop additional obligations.

On April 23, Russia proposed to the United States to restore the dialogue to prevent cyber threats. The Foreign Ministry said that the essence of the Russian initiative boils down to taking measures to reset bilateral relations in the field of information and communication technologies.