Rebel leader killed in Venezuela

Tiempo: rebel leader Hernan Dario Velasquez, nicknamed “El Paisa”, was killed in Venezuela Second Marketalia “by Hernan Dario Velazquez, nicknamed” El Paisa “. The newspaper Tiempo writes about this with reference to sources in the Venezuelan intelligence and the government of Colombia.

According to them, El Paisa was killed during a shootout near the border with Colombian Arauca and Vichada, there is no information about other dead or injured.

According to media reports, the attack could have been carried out by members of the Tenth Front of the FARC (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – Note from , waging a territorial war with the Second Marketalia in Colombia and Venezuela, connected with drug trafficking. At the same time, sources of the publication ruled out any relation of the Colombian government to the shootout. There is no official confirmation of the death of El Paisa in Colombia and Venezuela.

Hernan Dario Velazquez, presumably in In the 1980s, he went through the school of mercenaries of Pablo Escobar in the 1980s, was imprisoned in Jamaica, and after his release he joined the FARC, in whose ranks he was involved in abductions, control of internal drug trafficking and the creation of an insurgent network. year he and other rebel leaders announced the creation of the “Second Marketalia”. He is subject to national and international arrest warrants for killings, abductions and other crimes.

In September, it was reported that one of the leaders of the left-wing radical rebel group Army National Liberation “(ANO) Angel Padilla Romero, nicknamed Fabian, who is considered one of the key representatives of the group.



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