Pulmonologist accused doctors of aggravating Gradsky's condition before his death

Pulmonologist Puryasev: doctors should not have allowed Gradsky to participate in the show “The Voice” to the singer and composer Alexander Gradsky to participate in the show “The Voice”. He announced this on the air of the program “Stars converged.”

According to the doctor, the transferred covid aggravated the artist's health. “The medics had to keep him out of the transmission. This was evidently detrimental to him. If we go this way, then we will lose our talents. Lanovoy left, he was also on the stage. This is imprudence. The coronavirus has aggravated, “the doctor said.

According to Puryasev, Gradsky could have been saved if he had started treatment on time. However, the doctor believes that the artist put selfless work on the project above his own health.

Earlier, colleagues and wards of the composer said that Gradsky did not want to interrupt the project and did not like it when people felt sorry for him. Show participant Viktor Kirillov clarified that the mentor continued to demonstrate optimism. “He really didn’t like it when people started feeling sorry for him because of his health, it was very annoying for Gradsky,” he said.

Gradsky died in Moscow on November 28. He was taken to hospital with suspected stroke. The coronavirus infection suffered by the artist in September led to a deterioration in health. He was 72 years old.