Open back dresses are the new fashion trend

Journalist Lady Alice Manners said the cutout dresses fit any shape new fashion trend. The relevant material appeared on the website of the publication.

Journalist Lady Alice Manners noted that open back fashion will return in 2022 and explained the reason for this trend. “Open back dresses have a timeless elegance that I love. The beauty of these outfits is that they are very comfortable. Also, this style suits any type of figure, and also fits perfectly on women with small breasts, “she said.

So, last week, actress Zendaya was published in the described outfit. She was captured during the annual Ballon D'Or awards ceremony for the best football players in the world in a Roberto Cavalli dress with a metal trim in the form of a two-headed snake on the back for two thousand pounds (195 thousand rubles).

“As a stylist, I believe Zendaya is a pioneer at all levels in the fashion world. She cannot wear something bad. So if she wears such outfits, then soon the whole world will look exactly the same. Get ready for the open back season, ”concluded Manners.

According to journalist Lisa Hilton, open back clothing was especially popular at the beginning of the last century. At that time, too large breasts or bare legs were considered vulgar in society, so fashionistas of the 1920s tried to cover all parts of the body, while exposing the back, in order to attract the attention of men.

Earlier in December, dresses with naked bodies slits have become a celebrity trend. According to the material, famous actresses, models, singers and bloggers have grown fond of wearing tight-fitting dresses decorated with various cutouts that expose the body. For example, in a similar outfit from the Monot brand with cuts in the chest, fashion model Kendall Jenner attended the wedding of her friend, and her sister Kylie was captured on the territory of her own house in an orange dress with ties on the sides.