Onishchenko said about the “humanity” of the omicron-strain of coronavirus

Epidemiologist Onishchenko called for “transforming” the New Year celebrations in Russia

Refuse to participate in New Year's events due to COVID-19, including because of the new strain of coronavirus, omicron is not worth it, said epidemiologist Gennady Onishchenko, writes TASS.

According to him, it is best to celebrate the New Year with relatives. “Let the people rest, that's enough, they've played enough. If you are vaccinated, protected, then why refuse the holidays, ”he said. At the same time, the physician urged to “transform” the celebration of the New Year. “Not drinking, not partying, but communicating with relatives, at home,” the specialist explained.

Onishchenko added that the new strain of coronavirus is less dangerous. It will supplant all other types of COVID-19 in the near future, he said, but it probably won't do significant harm. “In any case, today there is not a single proven death from him. This suggests that he has become more humane, “Onishchenko added.

The doctor believes that the impending flu epidemic is now a great danger for Russian schools. According to him, because of this, it is necessary to limit the celebration of the New Year in educational institutions.

Earlier, WHO said that the organization had no information on deaths associated with infection with the omicron strain of coronavirus. However, manufacturers of vaccines against COVID-19 must be prepared to “update” the composition of drugs to protect against the new mutation, experts say.