Nutritionist reveals the benefits of radish

Nutritionist Drobysheva: radish has a multifaceted beneficial effect on the body

Nutritionist Anna Drobysheva reported that radish has a multifaceted effect on the human body. RIA Novosti writes about this

According to her, radish is a medicinal vegetable that has antibacterial properties, so it should be used during periods of illness.

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“Radish is wonderful product for women. It normalizes hormonal levels, reduces pain during critical days, slows down the aging of the skin. The vegetable is also useful for men's health. It increases the level of testosterone, relieves inflammation of the prostate “, – said Drobysheva.

The specialist urged people with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, and also with gout to exclude radish from the diet. In addition, according to the nutritionist, the vegetable is contraindicated for pregnant women, as it contains essential oils that increase the tone of the uterus.

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