New treatment for respiratory distress proposed after COVID-19

Russian scientists have developed a new method of treating respiratory failure after COVID-19

Russian scientists from Siberian State Medical University and Tomsk National Research Medical Center have developed a new method of treating respiratory failure in patients with coronavirus. This is reported in an article published in the EXCLI Journal. The study is briefly described in a press release on the Godnauki.rf website.

Patients who have suffered acute respiratory distress syndrome associated with viral pneumonia from COVID-19 may develop long-term respiratory failure. The well-known methods of therapy sometimes turn out to be unable to relieve a person of this condition.

In a new work, Russian scientists proposed the use of short-term inhalation of a gas mixture containing xenon and oxygen. The effectiveness of this method was determined using computed tomography, psychometry and other methods. Scientists have found that the patients have increased tidal volume, decreased respiration and heart rate, and increased oxygen levels in arterial blood.