Named countries with rapidly rising housing prices

Global Property Guide: Montenegro tops the rating of countries with fast growth in house prices

increased in most countries in Europe, Asia and North America. In general, the real value of residential real estate (calculated taking into account inflation) has grown in 47 out of 60 countries with the largest real estate markets, Global Property Guide reports, citing its own data.

According to analysts, the most noticeable increase was price tags in Montenegro are more than 32 percent higher than in the same period in 2020. Sweden (plus 18 percent per year), Australia (16), the Netherlands (15.3), Puerto Rico (14.6) were also among the countries with fast housing prices.

Experts named those countries where house prices, on the other hand, have declined. The anti-rating was topped by the Philippines (minus 16.8 percent per year), Cambodia (minus 11), Morocco (minus 7.5), Peru (minus 5.6) and Brazil (minus 5.5).

In Russia, price tags on an annualized basis increased by 7.2 percent. Analysts included it in the list of countries that showed strong or moderate growth in housing prices.

Previously, the cities of Russia with rapidly rising housing prices were named – these are Krasnodar and Yekaterinburg. In Krasnodar, the average cost of secondary housing in November 2021 increased by 14.2 percent, to 94.3 thousand rubles. The Yekaterinburg “square” added 4.4 percent, now it costs 92.3 thousand rubles. Moscow took third place in the rating: a square meter of housing in the capital went up by 4.2 percent, to 287.3 thousand rubles.



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