Minsk banned entry to foreigners discriminating against Belarusian authorities

Foreign Ministry of Belarus: the lists of persons whose entry into the territory of Belarus is undesirable has been expanded

Foreigners criticizing the Belarusian authorities are prohibited from entering the territory of the republic. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus came forward with such retaliatory measures to the Western sanctions against the country, stressing that Minsk had already expanded the corresponding list of persons. The statement was published on the agency's website.

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“The lists of persons whose entry into the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the Union State is undesirable from countries that systematically discriminate against Belarusian officials, journalists and representatives of public organizations have been expanded,” the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus says. .

In addition, Belarus named the continuation of integration with Russia as another reciprocal step. “The Republic of Belarus will continue to implement Union programs and strengthen economic integration with the Russian Federation, as well as build strong trade and economic ties with partners in the EAEU,” the ministry emphasized.

Earlier, the introduction of restrictive measures against European countries was announced Prime Minister of Belarus Roman Golovchenko. He considered the actions of Minsk as a response to the “hybrid war unleashed against the country.”



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