Lukashenko will change the system of sole government in Belarus

President of Belarus Lukashenko: it is impossible to concentrate power in the hands of one person … He found it impossible to concentrate power in the hands of one person in modern conditions. BelTA reports the words of the Belarusian leader.

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As an argument, he cited the example of the events of 2020, when the citizens of Belarus protested against the results of the presidential elections in the country. “If they came to power for one day, there would already be a NATO bloc near Smolensk,” Lukashenko said.

The incumbent Belarusian president added that if last year the protesters managed to seize power into their own hands , this would lead to the destruction of Belarus. “The country would simply not exist,” he said.

Earlier, Lukashenko stressed that the updated text of the Belarusian constitution should in no way establish dual power in the country. He promised that a strong presidential power will remain in Belarus.



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