Kyrgyzstan abandons New Year fireworks due to air pollution

Bishkek Mayor's Office refused to hold New Year's fireworks due to air pollution … This is reported by the portal “Sputnik Kyrgyzstan”.

The mayor's office believes that it is wrong to worsen the already fragile environmental situation.

The authorities also urged residents of the capital not to use firecrackers and fireworks on New Year's Eve as they also contribute to smog. According to representatives of the mayor's office, the saved 800 thousand soms (697 985 rubles) will be spent on “more important purposes.”

The environmental situation in Bishkek is the worst of all the capitals of the post-Soviet countries.

In February, Kiev entered the top 20 cities with the dirtiest air in the world. The level of sulfur dioxide was three times higher than the norm, and nitrogen dioxide was five to seven times higher. A year earlier, the Ukrainian capital briefly became the city with the dirtiest air in the world due to a forest fire near the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.



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