Inmates poisoned the prisoner who killed her stepson in her own way

In the UK, inmates fed a prisoner with salt, which she poisoned her stepson

stepson Arthur, in her own way. The criminals serving a sentence fed the Englishwoman with salt, which she poisoned the boy, reports The Sun. … The woman abused the child of her partner Thomas Hughes for about a month. In the last months of his life, Arthur lived in complete isolation, he was starved to death. A few hours before his death, Tustin fed the boy 34 grams of salt, the equivalent of six tablespoons. After that, the woman beat the child. The Sun clarifies that Arthur was so weak after the poisoning that he could not resist. As a result of the attack, he received more than 90 various injuries, including the head, and died.

Tustin hid the reason for her imprisonment from inmates, lying that she was serving a sentence because Arthur Hughes' father “neglected” his son. Inmates said that Tustin did not say anything about Arthur's death, never mentioned him, but “only felt sorry for herself, or laughed and joked on the phone, despite the fact that she was facing a trial.”

Upon learning, the real reason for her imprisonment, the inmates in revenge fed Tustin salt in revenge for torturing the child. Former English inmate Elaine Pritchard told The Mirror: “Some of our actions were cruel to her, but she was tougher with Arthur, so she deserved it.”

Previously reported, that in Brazil, a jealous husband poisoned his wife with poison, after which she poisoned their common child through breast milk. Thus, the man wanted to take revenge on his beloved for treason.



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