Imported gas in Ukraine has quadrupled in price

The price of imported gas in Ukraine amounted to $ 730 per thousand cubic meters than $ 730 per thousand cubic meters, according to the website of the Ministry of Economy of the country.

At the same time, the average price of imported natural gas in the country in November last year was about $ 182.5 per thousand cubic meters. The republic consumes up to 23 billion cubic meters of gas a year, of which 13 billion cubic meters is gas produced by Naftogaz and private companies. Kiev imports the rest of the fuel.

Earlier it became known that Naftogaz had raised gas tariffs. It has risen in price almost fivefold for consumers who are supplied with fuel by Naftogaz's subsidiary Supplier of Last Resort (PON). It serves customers whose gas suppliers have gone bankrupt or, for other reasons, cannot supply fuel.

Since December 2, PON has increased the gas tariff to 47 hryvnia (127 rubles) per cubic meter. The rise in prices affected 457 thousand Ukrainian households.

In early November, Ukraine promised the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to abandon the restrictions on prices for gas, heating and hot water in order to continue to receive financial assistance.



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