Fraudsters began to fake news from “” and other Russian publications

Izvestia: scammers imitate the website and other media outlets in order to influence the quotes

Mass media, including “”, and distribute fake news. Izvestia writes about this with reference to information security specialists from Infosecurity.

The publication notes that the sites completely imitate the design of popular publications.

Experts said that this is how cybercriminals are trying to influence on the stock quotes of the attacked companies and business reputation. Also, scammers can mislead the partners of an enterprise. At the same time, lawyers noted that the authors of fake sites can be held accountable for copyright infringement and dissemination of false information, the lawyers noted.

Earlier, the chief expert of Kaspersky Lab Sergey Golovanov said that simultaneously with the introduction of QR codes There are two main fraudulent schemes on vaccination with this document. According to him, in Russia they began to sell codes that lead to phishing pages imitating official resources. The purchase of real codes of vaccinated Russians has also spread on the black market.



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