Doctor Komarovsky dispelled the myth about the dangers of TV for children

Doctor Komarovsky: a working TV does not harm a sleeping child if it does not interfere with his sleep the fact that a working TV is harmful to a sleeping child. The doctor spoke about this in the heading “Ask Komarovsky” on the air of the TV channel “Ukraine”, answering the question of the spectator. The episode was also released on his YouTube channel.

The viewer said that their daughter was sleeping in the same room with her and her husband. At the same time, the woman's husband watches TV until two in the morning. A concerned mother asked if this habit of her husband was harmful to the child.

Komarovsky, in his answer, first ironically expressed the widespread assumption that certain waves affect children sleeping next to a working TV. “If you think that some dangerous wave comes out of the TV and covers the unfortunate sleeping child, and this will cause him to have problems with the nervous system and so on – no, you are wrong,” the specialist assured. Komarovsky expressed confidence that a working TV does not in any way affect the health of sleeping children, if it really does not interfere with their sleep.

At the same time, the doctor emphasized that if a child constantly wakes up and asks to turn off the TV, then the device will work definitely prevents him from sleeping. Komarovsky also criticized the habit of some men to watch TV programs late, but asked the viewer “not to invent the harmfulness of TV.”

Earlier, Dr. Komarovsky denied the popular misconception about angina. The TV presenter assured that this disease cannot be cured by gargling. According to Komarovsky, angina can only be treated with antibiotics.