Details of the murder of Russian tourists in Cyprus revealed

Cyprus Mail: A 32-year-old Syrian detained in Cyprus killed two Russian women after a hunt tourists in Cyprus, committed a crime after hunting. This is reported by the local edition of the Cyprus Mail.

According to media reports, the man was arrested ten days ago, but he only made a confession now. The Syrian native said that he buried the bodies of his victims in a garden ten meters from the house, covering the place with gravel. Law enforcement officers did not immediately find the burial due to washed out traces of rains.

Earlier on December 5, the Russian embassy in the Republic of Cyprus confirmed the murder of two tourists, 43-year-old Hayat Al-Raisi and 33-year-old Maria Gazibagandova. Their bodies were found by the Larnaca Police Department. Three people of Syrian nationality were detained. One of them confessed and showed the place where the victims were hiding. The diplomats contacted the relatives of one of the deceased, the second woman has no relatives in Russia.



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