China decides to pay people who test positive for COVID-19

Chinese Harbin will pay 1.5 thousand dollars to everyone infected with coronavirus

dollars to every citizen who tests positive for COVID-19. However, this amount will be received only by those infected who pass the test on their own, reports The Beijing News.

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Such measures were taken due to the low increase in coronavirus cases. In Harbin, only about ten cases of the virus are detected per day.

The authorities believe that people avoid testing because they are afraid to report that they have contracted the virus. Now, in case of a positive result, only those who voluntarily come to the site for verification will receive $ 1,570.

infected in order to implement preventive measures.

“If you notice symptoms of COVID-19, put on a mask, go to the nearest clinic and tell us where you went and with whom you contacted,” the health authorities said in a statement city.

In October, Russia appreciated the idea of ​​giving money for vaccination against COVID-19. According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, it is hardly possible in Russia to pay remuneration to everyone who has been vaccinated against COVID-19. “It is unlikely that there can be any kind of universal payment. I have never heard anyone talk about such a program, “said the presidential press secretary.



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