British Queen begins transferring power to Prince Charles

Historian Ed Owens: the process of transferring power from Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Charles is already underway

that the process of transferring royal power to Prince Charles has begun. This is reported by the Daily Express.

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“The death of the queen will not cause a crisis in the royal family,” said Owens. “The symbolic transfer of power to Charles is already underway.” He drew attention to the fact that recently the prince has often replaced his mother during events and assumed the assignment of the titles that Elizabeth II had previously done.

The reason for the comment was the deteriorating health of the 95-year-old queen. At the end of October, doctors recommended that she take a break from public events. After that, she canceled a visit to Northern Ireland, refused to travel to the UN climate conference in Glasgow and went to the hospital for examination. In November, Elizabeth II did not participate in the Memorial Day ceremonies. Officially, this was explained by the fact that she pulled her back.

Earlier it was reported that experts doubted the chances of Prince Charles to become king. Historian Martin Wiener did not rule out that his coronation could lead to the collapse of the Commonwealth of Nations.

Prince Charles is the eldest son of Elizabeth II, who will pass the British throne after her death. In addition to him, the queen has three more children: Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince Andrew, who stepped down in 2019 due to charges of raping underage girls. The second in line to the British throne is taken by Charles' son Prince William. His younger brother Prince Harry stepped down from his duties as senior member of the royal family in 2020 and moved to the United States.