Biden refused to “wag the finger” at Putin

White House: US President Biden will not shake his finger at Russian leader Putin during the talks

A senior White House official said United States Joe Biden will not shake his finger at his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. The American leader has abandoned such a manner of dialogue and plans to behave with restraint in future negotiations, RIA Novosti reports.

“The President will conduct this conversation in the same style as he held previous discussions with Putin – in a professional, frank, in a straightforward manner, he will make it clear, without any rhetorical outpourings and without wagging a finger, what actions the United States is ready to take in terms of both containment and diplomacy, “the informant emphasized.

Earlier, a Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned against exalted expectations of the talks between Putin and Biden. According to him, the leaders need to discuss the implementation of the agreements reached during the summit in Geneva. At the same time, Peskov called the state of bilateral relations between Russia and the United States still sad and noted that dialogue is starting in some directions.

Talks between Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden will take place on Tuesday evening, December 7. They will be held in secure video communication mode. The leaders themselves will appoint a convenient time for the conversation. The presidents are expected to discuss tensions around Ukraine and NATO's advance towards Russia's borders.