A model with a full body tattoo took hold of her face and caused outrage among fans

Model Amber Luke tattooed her face in the form of a scar and caused discontent among fans

, took hold of her face and caused outrage among fans. The relevant material is published by the Daily Star.

26-year-old model Amber Luke posted a selfie on her Instagram page in which she showed fans new tattoos in the form of scars on her face: one goes through the forehead and eyes, the other located along the cheekbones and lips. “Added a few scratches. Can you guess where? ” – she signed the post, which received more than a thousand likes.

Fans of the blogger began to discuss her new tattoos in the comments. Some felt that they spoiled her appearance. “You are so beautiful, spare your face”, “Why?”, “Please stop,” they complained.

Others, on the contrary, praised the model: “I like the new drawing. Looks very good ”,“ You always surprise me ”,“ Wow, I have the same tattoo near my eye. This drawing is amazing. ”

In October, Amber Luc named the reason for her desire to change beyond recognition. She explained that as a teenager, she faced depression and lost her confidence. “I got my first tattoo at the age of 16. After that, I felt that my self-esteem improved and decided to continue covering my body with drawings, ”she shared.



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