A man armed with scissors wounds nine people

In Shanghai, a man registered with a psychiatrist with scissors wounded nine people

In Chinese Shanghai, a man armed with scissors wounded nine people, including two police officers. This was reported on Monday, December 6, by the Hubei Daily on its Weibo account.

“On the afternoon of December 6, at 14:33 (9:33 Moscow time), the branch of the Pudong Public Security Bureau of Shanghai received a message about that a man stabbed a man with a knife on Beauchang Street near Gushan Street, ”the report says.

Immediately after receiving the report, police officers arrived at the scene and found the suspect. It turned out to be a 26-year-old man brandishing a pair of scissors. Law enforcement officers managed to neutralize the attacker. It was established that the suspect is not a local, he is registered in a psychiatric clinic and arrived in Shanghai recently.

The publication notes that all nine victims were hospitalized, information about their condition is not specified.

< p> In November, it was reported that in Norway an unknown person tried to attack passers-by with a knife and attacked a police patrol in Oslo. As a result of the attack, one of the officers was wounded. The law enforcement officer shot at the attacker, because of which he subsequently died. Later it became known that he turned out to be a Chechen with Russian citizenship.



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