Trump called the chief general of the United States an idiot

Former US President Trump called the country's main general Milli a “damn idiot” US Armed Forces Mark Millie. Express writes about this.

According to the newspaper, the ex-president called the chief US general a “damn idiot” because of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Trump recalled how Millie tried to prove to him that with the withdrawal of American troops it would be cheaper to leave all military equipment in the country than to export it.

“You have a plane for 50 million dollars. You have a gorgeous $ 29 million helicopter. We had all types of helicopters. Many of them are brand new. Literally out of the box. Do you think it's cheaper to leave it there so they can get it than to fill it with half a tank of gasoline and take it to Pakistan or fly back to our country? ” – Trump said.

Earlier, Trump said that Russia and China had dismantled and are studying the helicopters abandoned by the United States in Afghanistan. He claims that Russia and China already have samples of American helicopters, which will soon be improved. “They are already dismantling the Apaches, studying them, and soon they will assemble the best equipment,” he explained.

On August 15, the Taliban ( a terrorist organization banned in Russia ) took under control of the entire territory of Afghanistan against the background of the withdrawal of American troops from the country. The evacuation of US troops and a diplomatic mission from Afghanistan officially ended on August 31, 2021.



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